No. This portal is only for users authorised by MHA and NDMA.

Yes, in case a NDMIS admin or user is transferred, retired or new person is appointed the user him/herself can change the details under the user profile. Else State Admin can change the user profile i.e. name, address, mobile number etc. of the State User, District admin and users.

NIC/ MHA can create National Level Users and State admin users. State admin can create new state users and district admin as well as district users.

A list of 34 hazards/disasters are in the dropdown menu of NDMIS. Districts are encouraged to report all the events however only records of natural disasters will be used for the purpose of SDM reporting. However only 12 disasters are included in the Central List of NDMIS NDRF module. However states can add disasters notified by the respective state governments.

Click on Forgot password option and follow the instructions given in the login manual. The registered email id and mobile number should be accessible to you while resetting password. In case of difficulty contact support team by clicking the support button.

No, States are not authorised to create new users with Admin rights. If the admin user is changing the new user details shall be submitted to NIC with copy to MHA and NDMA for making necessary changes.

Yes. It is mandatory to provide mobile number and email id. OTP will be received after entering your user id and password.

This happens when your user account is not linked to modules. This can be done by the state admin user or NIC team.

No. the different modules of NDMIS are not linked with each other. However if you acknowledge the occurrence of an event for the purpose of submitting sitrep, the event will appear in the list and detailed report for SFM reporting can be done after selecting the disaster from menu.

No. All the data entered should be disaggregated up to district level. State user can enter data for one or more districts.

No. Only one report per event for the natural disasters to be entered in the system before 25 December every year. NDMA/MHA will be using state wise aggregated report and hazard wise aggregated report for SFM reporting before 31 December ever year.

Refer to Technical Guidance notes of UNDRR for more details regarding indicator definitions NDMIS Manuals are primarily step by step instruction on feeding data and not having concepts and definitions.

No.Multi-State Level Disaster IDs means disasters which effects more than 1 state, these IDs are created centrally and multiple states are linked to single event. Single State Level Disaster IDs means disaster which effects more than 1 disaster of any single state, these IDs are created by respective state admins with an option to link 1 or more districts. Single District Level Disaster IDs means disaster which effects single district and localized to a single district.

Only users with Admin rights can create a new record or delete it. A user without admin rights can enter and edit data.